Free Agency – The Jets’ choices

The Jets have signed Michael Vick and Eric Decker to boost their offense. Really? What is their strategy? They signed an old QB whose best asset was once his feet, I presume to back up last year’s mediocre rookie Geno Smith, and a wide receiver was phenomenal last year…playing with Peyton Manning. Personally, I would have either gone for a solid pocket passer to compliment Decker, or go after running backs and beef up my offensive line to compliment the QBs. Mixing QBs who scramble with a route running wide receiver sends me mixed signals about what they expect their offense to do.

Decker does have experience that will help him with Smith and Vick; he played with Tim Tebow. I heard Decker once say that the biggest difference between Tebow and Manning was that with Tebow he went to the ball and with Manning he went to the spot and the ball would find him. Decker was good with Tebow, but excellent with Manning. Was some of this due to improvement with practice and experience? Perhaps, but I am a believer that 50% of his success was due to the skill of his QB. While his Tebow time will certainly help him understand Smith and Vick, and both QBs are certainly better in the pocket than Tebow was, I’m not convinced he will find the same success in New York as he did in his last 2 years in Denver. For his sake, I hope I’m wrong.

As for Smith and Vick, time will tell. If the Jets think they’ve put together a Rodgers-Favre duo, they are fooling themselves. This newbie-retiree combo could be successful, but only if they have the best QB coach on the planet. Further, I believe the most important factor to their success will be the quality, dedication, patience of the O-Line. Will they take the pressure the whole season while the QB both decides if he can play in the pocket and throw, or if he will run around in the backfield? We’ll see. I am also a believer, unlike many I’ve heard on sports radio, that a solid running back is crucial. I believe the Jets need a solid RB to open up holes in the defense, or their QBs will find the ground fast. Their RBs need to have more rushing yards than the QB. If Ivory can step up his game and if the Jets’ leaders can find a solid power running back in the draft, then perhaps this combo of players can work.

Which will it be next year – will we be watching a solid offense or will we be watching a multi-million dollar wide receiver waiving his hands downfield while the QB plays chase in the backfield? I’m betting on the latter, but I’ll give them September to prove me wrong.


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