Prayers for Will McKamey

Injury, of any kind in any sport, is hard to see. Concussions, specifically, have been a greater focus in recent years, for important reasons. This news is an example of why. It breaks my heart. Navy Freshman running back Will McKamey is in a coma after a hit in practice on Saturday morning. Please send your prayers and positive energy to this young man and his family.

Update: ESPN reported late Tuesday/early Wednesday that McKamey passed away after 3 days in a coma. My condolences and prayers go out to his family, teammates, classmates, and friends. According to this ESPN article, his family did state earlier in the week that he collapsed at practice, at it did not appear to be the result of any unusually hard hit. I can’t imagine what they are going through.



2 thoughts on “Prayers for Will McKamey

    • I’m sorry to hear about Will McKamey and his family. Thanks for the side note about the NFL camp for moms and the idea of “bringing them into the circle” – I love that idea!

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