The newly released NFL 2014-15 schedule: Games to watch in September

The NFL released the 2014-2015 season schedule last Wednesday, April 23. Apparently it was released in a 3 hour show on their network, but that is not something on my list of things to watch, nor do I have the NFL Network. What is on my list of things to watch are some must see games and some “could be interesting” games in the first few weeks.

Week 1

Opening Game, Thursday night, September 4 – Green Bay at Seattle: Both of these look to continue to be top performing and exciting teams in the 2014 season. Will Richard Sherman be as powerful as last year, or will Rodgers be about to out play him. Of course, it’s the opening game so it must be watched.

Sunday, September 7 – San Francisco at Dallas: Can Colin Kaepernick still be the top rusher for the 49ers (and #2 in the NFL – source or will he have to stay in the pocket and throw? Will Tony Romo cry on the sidelines? Games in Jerry’s world are always worth watching, at least for the first half.

Sunday Night Football, September 7 – Indianapolis at Denver: Jim Irsay’s October 2013 welcome home celebration seemed to mess with Peyton’s head and the Colts firmly beat the Broncos in Peyton’s first trip back to Indy. Will Peyton have recovered from that game, and the Super Bowl mess and put on a QB clinic in Mile High? Will fellow Stanford grad John Elway’s revamping of the Broncos defense show Andrew Luck that he is still a newbie and send him home with a loss? This should be a great game.

Monday Night Football, September 8 – San Diego at Arizona: Will the Cardinals build on last year’s success and be a team to contend with, or was last year a one hit wonder? Does the Chargers’ Philip Rivers still have game in him, or is it time to start talking retirement? This game will either be a good one to watch or a snooze. The first quarter should tell the story.

Week 2

Sunday, September 14 – NY Jets at Green Bay: Will all of the trading around and buying up a QB and WR’s pay off for the Jets, or will they continue to be the Jets? This game will be their first test.

Week 3

Sunday, September 21 – Green Bay at Detroit: This is a great rivalry, and a great opportunity to see if the Lions will continue to play ball, or if Megatron needs to find a new home if he wants to ever win a championship.

Sunday, September 21 – Denver at Seattle: This will either be a great game, or a replay of the Super Bowl, which, if you are a Seahawks fan would make it a great game. As a Bronco fan, I’m hoping our newly purchased defense and new wide receiver will make a difference.

Week 4

Thursday, September 25 – NY Giants at Washington: This is a battle of quarterbacks who should be good, and have been very good (Eli has 2 Super Bowl rings), but who also have been absolutely terrible. Which players will show up?

Sunday Night Football, September 27 – New Orleans at Dallas: Will Drew Brees continue to work his tip-toe throwing magic for the Saints? Again, will Tony Romo cry on the Cowboys’ sidelines? Both of these teams have lost a few top players, but overall, they should both be worth watching this year.

Monday Night Football, September 28 – New England at Kansas City: Will the Patriots receivers have name tags on, or will Tom Brady have his receiving core healthy and out of jail? Will the Chief’s coach Andy Reid show why he was a candidate for NFL Coach of the Year last year, or will he be haunted by his Philadelphia years? This could prove to be a solid contest.


These are the games that stand out right now. There are plenty of other teams worth watching, like the Carolina Panthers, but their opening month’s schedule isn’t that amazing right now. But it is only April. After the draft in 2 weeks, things may change. I’ll want to watch Sammy Watkins and Johnny Manziel (if he starts) for sure. Who knows, by September I may even be interested in seeing the St. Louis at Tampa Bay game in Week 2. Just Kidding.





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