The latest domestic violence issues in the NFL

I don’t have much else to say than what I said IN APRIL and again in August.

used with permission from iStock

used with permission from iStock

I’m glad the violence issues are finally being acknowledged, but these sponsors and teams who think they are acting responsibly, who suddenly have a moral compass are proving only one thing. That they yield to what’s popular and their moral compass is the almighty dollar.

As I said earlier this year violence in the US is ridiculous and we are fools to believe that we are addressing it. (And I’m sorry my friends, but everyone carrying a gun around doesn’t make it better. Colin Cowherd pointed out that the least violent countries don’t allow people to walk around with guns and act like cowboys.) Violence in sports is a reality – but it doesn’t mean the sport needs to go away. It means it must be addressed and challenged. I did joke with my Mom once that perhaps football players should all smoke a little weed after the game to settle them down. LOL. Seriously, I won’t rewrite April or August, but the NFL has absolutely got to take this opportunity to help players and their families and quit trying to spin this now public attention to an old problem.

BTW – I will not advocate for Roger Goodell’s resignation or termination. He’s been a weak leader from the beginning. That’s a problem the owners should address, but they won’t because he’s their fall guy. The owners are the issue here, not the figure head of the organization. When Jerry Jones comes out saying Goodell is his guy, you know Goodell has no power. Instead, I challenge the NFL owners to take this opportunity to reset their moral compasses. I think many are moral and have values higher than money. Influence the others, please, and let your voices be the loudest.


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