College Game Day – Missed Opportunity at Ole Miss

Oh my. Katie Perry as the guest picker on College Game Day was a complete disappointment. She is an intelligent woman (as I understand from others), and yet she portrayed every stereotype of women & football. She picked based on jersey colors or helmets. She picked Oklahoma because of how cute she thinks Trevor Knight is and repeatedly said he should call her. Her most intelligent pick was Ole Miss because her manager went there and it was going to be her first college football game. If she was aiming for irony, she missed the mark.

ESPN missed a huge opportunity. They aired Game Day from Ole Miss for the first time ever. While Ole Miss is known for their incredible tailgating atmosphere, Southern women don’t just tailgate. We watch and talk college football. We know the game. Some southern women can quote New Port, RIstats that make a man’s head spin. After the great job FSU alumna Gabby Reece did as the guest picker at the Florida State – Clemson game, how could they denigrate Southern women by having a cutesy chic with no real connection to Southern football be their guest picker instead of finding one of the multitudes of intelligent Southern women? I would have loved to have seen Ole Miss alumna Olivia Manning!

On a show where Samantha Ponder is struggling to fill the giant shoes of Erin Andrews, Gabby’s presence was two steps forward and Katie’s was 5 steps back in the movement to gain respect for women in “men’s” sports.


2 thoughts on “College Game Day – Missed Opportunity at Ole Miss

  1. ABC GMA commentator said Perry predicted 7 of 9 picks correctly at her first college game. Wonder why they only asked her to predict 9 games.. Were they all Southern teams?

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