The College football season is nearing its end

College football is nearing the end of the regular season. Two more games are yet to be played…one regular season game (a lot of rivalry games) and then conference championships. A lot of win-loss records may be changing that will affect the polls. How so is the talk of the town, and the discussion I hear among sports analysts continues to be…trendy. I have found it very interesting how everyone praises and disregards the same teams. There’s no real diversity of opinions, and yes, I believe there is plenty of room for it.


How is it that Baylor’s huge win over TCU is irrelevant, or that Colorado State gets no credit for beating Boston College IN BOSTON, a team that nearly beat Florida State and Clemson? Ohio State’s loss to Virginia Tech is being justified because they lost their starting QB and had to move to a freshman (they aren’t the only ones). Alabama is being given credit for…being Alabama. Today Florida State, who usually gets bashed for not dominating games (although they are 10-0) and for being in the ACC, got a little bit of credit on the radio from 2 analysts, as they pointed out that they have the 2nd highest strength of schedule (changed later in the day to 3rd. They both, however, quickly agreed that a 1 loss FSU doesn’t deserve to be in the top 4…but Ohio State does, even though their loss is to one of the worst ACC teams and their strength of schedule is lower than FSU. Heh?

Looking at the NCAA stats, no one team or conference dominates. In fact, if you look at those with the best records and the best stats, you see a very different top 10.

Who is the best division 1 college football team in the country? There isn’t one. I’m not even convinced there are 4. Who makes it in the final four will be debated for months after they are announced. Consensus is already starting to grow for an 8 team play-off that includes conference champions and wildcards. When I look at the subjectiveness of the current process, a conference based system seems to be most fair and logical. But that’s a blog for another day. Until then, we revel in the popularity contest and watch to see if our favorite teams can win one more game.


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