The College Football Playoff committee SMACKS the ACC

The College Football playoff committee gave a resounding SMACK in the face to the ACC on Tuesday 12/1/14. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Florida State, who is 12-0 after a solid performance against Florida, a mediocre SEC team who beat ranked Georgia, was moved DOWN into 4th place. TCU of the Big 12, is 10-1 after beating a mediocre Texas team. So the SEC is almighty except when an ACC team beats them? Compare the records of Florida and Texas; if you believe in the power of the SEC, then isn’t Florida’s record more impressive? What still doesn’t make sense is that Baylor BEAT TCU and are also 10-1, but the committee doesn’t think they deserve to be ahead of TCU.

What a MESS. I reference my recent post on stats. The ACC is solid and has proven it with stats and by beating teams like Ohio State, and going 4-0 against the SEC last weekend. The committee’s response was to move down the only team at 12-0. They basically just told the ACC that if Georgia Tech, the team that beat a higher ranked Georgia team last weekend, beats FSU, the ACC is odd man out of the “power 5” for the college football playoffs. There is no way they are using facts in their decisions; this reeks of a high school popularity contest.


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