The loss of Kosta Karageorge, Ohio State student athlete

The funeral for Kosta Karageorge, an Ohio State senior who appears to have taken his own life just before Thanksgiving is set for Wednesday 12/3.


A former wrestler who walked on to the football team this past August, Karageorge seems to have been struggling for a while. An article on has some very moving details about Kosta, his concussions, and his desire to push himself:

His sister told a reporter with that he was upset Tuesday.

His mother said his last texts referenced his concussions and apologized for being an “embarrassment”. Per his sister in a NY Times article, he’d received multiple concussions over his lifetime, with the most recent being in September.

It’s so very sad that this young person’s life ended in such darkness. I send my sincere understanding and sympathies to his friends, classmates, and family. Suicide is a terrible tragedy. My junior year of college, a classmate hit his low point and took his own life with a gunshot to his head. When working with youth 15 years ago, a high school teen ended his life the week before his senior year began. It is my sincere hope that we will learn from this tragedy how to help our young people before they go deep into darkness of suicide. Further, we absolutely must help our young people understand that seeking help is not a weakness, no matter what it is for. This desire and machismo of pushing through pain, without ensuring it is not serious, is leading to multiple tragedies. In the meantime, prayers and sympathies go out to Kosta Karageorge’s family.


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