Super Bowl Champions are not World Champions

I love football and I am competitive, so I appreciate the crowing of the final champion of football leagues. HOWEVER, this use of the term “World Champions” that began maybe 5-6 years ago for the Super Bowl / NFL champions DRIVES ME NUTS. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Playing in London doesn’t make the NFL an international league, and the thought of putting one team there just for more money is ridiculous to me. The NFL is the NATIONAL Football League, not the World Football League. There are football leagues in the other places in the world (I’m not referring to soccer…and no, soccer is not any more “real” football than is the American football…that’s a rant for another day.) I know not everyone takes Wikipedia as truth, but it is the easiest link to the nearly 40 American football leagues in the world: American Football in the world. The Italian Football League is even the basis of John Grisham’s “Playing for Pizza”. I understand that the world’s leagues are not on the same skill level as the NFL but that’s not the point. The point is that the NFL is not a world league. I’ve heard that this year’s Super Bowl was the most watched TV program in American history. Lots of us in the U.S. still have a strong passion for the sport of football, despite the messiness that comes with it. HOWEVER that does not give the NFL free reign to claim its champion as the champion of the world. The NFL needs to back down from the arrogance of seeing itself as invincible. It is a multimillion dollar industry, but its product is a game. As many of us who are still watching, there are others beginning to become uninterested. Of the millions who were considered to be watching this year’s Super Bowl, I wonder how many were truly watching versus just having it on because it’s the social thing to do. Claiming world domination does not help turn build fans; that kind of arrogance turns people off and needs to stop.


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