Oh My Eye! Oops?

“I didn’t mean to do it.” Eye PokeReally Aqib? Really? When you stuck two fingers into Dwayne Allen’s face mask, what exactly did you “mean” to do if you didn’t “mean” to poke him in the eye? Three year old move.

Regardless, whether or not the intent was to poke him in the eye, Talib put his hand in someone’s face during a scuffle. Not appropriate. That’s something I’d expect from a child, not a man. What is most disappointing to me in this situation is Talib’s response. Talib is a role model to others because of his profession. He and the Broncos missed a significant opportunity to show responsibility and leadership. In my opinion, Talib should have taken immediate accountability for his action and the result of that action. By saying “I didn’t mean to” he completely negated any slight attempt to take accountability. Instead, he was saying he isn’t responsible for the action. I would have been impressed if he had said, “I made a mistake, and I will accept the punishment.” Isn’t that what we expect others to do? Isn’t that what we teach kids? Why can’t a professional in the spotlight do that?

I’m a Broncos fan, but I was very pleased to see Aqib get penalized with 1 game suspension and to see the appeal be denied. The Broncos will miss Talib today, as they should. Actions have consequences. It’s a shame Talib didn’t use this as an opportunity to teach, but regardless, lessons have been learned.


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