I’ve Got the Free Agency Blues.

I have the Free Agency Blues. My Broncos let Malik Jackson, Brock Osweiler, and what seems inevitable, CJ Anderson. Oh, but we picked up Mark Sanchez in a trade. Yay. Jacksonville and Miami fans are feeling pretty good now, though! As are NY Giants fans. They’ve done pretty well in free agency.

IMG_0053But the losses aren’t the only reason for my blues. Listening to the multi-millions of dollars these athletes are signing for is mind-boggling and just gross. $72 million dollars to through the ball around for 4 years? $90 million dollars to tackle people for 6 years? $18 million dollars to run with the ball for 4 years (well, and get hit a lot)? Gross. I love, love, love watching football, but this part I truly dislike.

Lots of us often say how sad it is that people who work in public service (teachers, police officers, fire fighters) get paid so very little compared to what many professional athletes get paid. Ironically, we also complain about taxes and try to figure out how to limit what we pay, but we only mildly (if at all) hesitate when we buy tickets to sporting events. I was realizing today that my property taxes this year will be the same as what I paid in college football tickets last year (I did go to a playoff game and the national championship). I thought my property taxes were high, but I barely blinked when I bought tickets. Yikes is that backward. My taxes pay for teachers, police, fire, roads, libraries, judges, school buildings, and so many other things to support my county. My football tickets paid for…well, there were lots of people who worked at the game, so that was cool. And my college got some money maybe? And then there’s the people who own the stadium, and…well, you can see where I’m going with this.

My point? Perspective. The next time we get a tax bill of any sort, have a little perspective. In a world where we don’t blink at spending money that supports the wealthy, be thankful that some of your money supports your community. I do appreciate that many athletes give to charity, even start their own foundations, as do many people with an abundance of money. They pay property taxes, too (I hope).





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