It’s the best season of the year…Football Season!

Orange Aspen in Vail

It’s the best season of the year…FOOTBALL SEASON!

The air is crisp (in some parts of the country) and, as my favorite college coach Dabo Sweeney of Clemson said, it’s a time when people of all faiths, beliefs, creeds, backgrounds, etc. unify to cheer on their team. It’s a moment when we take fun seriously (maybe sometimes too seriously). I love the strategy of football, the complexities, the competitiveness, and even the drama. Will the teams we think are the best still be strong at the end of the season? Who are we not paying attention to that we’ll be talking about in December? Love it love it love it!

There are a couple of thoughts / ideas that have been discussed on sports talk radio over the past few weeks related to college football I’d like to comment on.

First. Cupcakes. Not the yummy kind; the “easy” football teams that the “Power five” conference teams play. There continues to be discussion that the practice of larger schools playing smaller schools should end, that it waters down the season. I completely disagree. It gives players and coaches an opportunity to continue to build and grow programs at these “smaller” schools (note: not all these schools are smaller, they just don’t have major football programs).  In the not so distant past, Houston was a cupcake. I’m pretty sure Florida State wouldn’t call last year’s Cougars a cupcake, nor would Oklahoma say Houston was easy this year. There have been plenty of other “small” schools have been spoilers over the years, giving their programs attention and giving a little humility to the “big” schools. Plus, there are plenty of “cupcakes” in each conference. Some of the schools that were strong 10-15 years ago are not so good right now and are practically “gimme” games. What’s the difference? The fact that they are in the conference? That doesn’t make sense. What I do agree with is that every power five conference team should, in order to be taken seriously in the national discussion, use their non-conference games to play 1-2 teams from another power five conference.  Doing so gives a little bit of comparison data for those voting in the polls and on the championship selection committee.

Second topic, college overtime. On Mike & Mike this week, Mike Greenberg has been ranting about the craziness of college OT rules. After playing a normal football game, if the regulation time ends with the score a tie, why do they then place the ball in field goal range and dare them to go for a TD? Why not have actual overtime and play another 12 minutes? Or at least place the ball on the 50 and make everyone work for any points. I agree with Greeny. College OT stinks. I’m not a fan of the NFL’s OT either. If you score a TD, game over, but if you score a field goal, then we keep playing until both teams have had a to score and then whoever has the highest score wins. Huh? The problem is, no one likes a tie. The rules are supposed to make OTs be short and ensure a winner. I agree with Greeny here, too. Why not just let games end in a tie? Why is a tie a bad thing??? Although, you’d still have to have OT rules for playoffs and championships. Maybe it would be weird to only have OT then. But still, there has to be a better way.

Football season is here! Yay!!!


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