Dance not.

The Arizona Cardinals’ D.J. Swearinger and Chandler Jones were penalized 15 yards for a “choreograph???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ed demonstration” when they danced after a sack of New England’s QB Jimmy Garoppolo on Sunday night. Cam Newton took 4 blows to the head and my Broncos were only penalized once. Well good job NFL. You have your priorities straight. NOT. Seriously???? A dance gets 15 yards and a hit to the head nothing? WTF??? I am not a fan of showboating, taunting, or bragging, but unless it’s truly causing disruptions, that kind of behavior can be regulated by the coaches. Have we learned NOTHING from the concussion concerns? I know, I know. Some hits to the head are incidental and part of the game. But what happened to erring on the side of caution? You use instant replay to review every scoring play. Why not every head hit? Even more so, why on earth was Newton not pulled out and given a concussion review??? I’m just floored. 15 yards for a dance. Yep. That’s what the NFL should have the refs should focus on.


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