A Catch is…When You Catch the Ball

I am watching the Houston Texans-Kansas City Chiefs game today, and in that game there have been to “catches” that were under review. Why are they under review? Because they had to evaluate whether or not the receiver made a “protected” move. Apparently, the word “protected”, has now replaced “football” move quote? For over a year, the NFL has had lengthy discussions about what exactly is “a catch”. Seriously. 

When someone passes you a ball, you know if you’ve caught it. Why can’t football be more like golf & players call it the way it is? OK, that’s naive, but, why all the overkill to define a catch? There’s just more words that need to be defined! What is a “football” move? What is a “protected” move? What happened to the eye test??? Most HS teams don’t use instant reply, they rely on the eye test of officials. College catches get a bit more scrutiny but still rely on observation. But in the NFL, there is a lengthy definition and lots of reply if there’s even a shadow of the doubt. I understand the reasoning, sort of. Not only is the play affected, but also scores, games championships, and ultimately money, are at stake. But does that mean they are getting it “right” any more than before all the hoopla?

I’ve experienced something similar in leadership around competencies. Some of the groups I work with have selected competencies for their teams and then moved to coaching & evaluating people without even selecting definitions. Some groups have ensured everyone is in agreement with specific definitions. Others, however have NFL’d it. They have spent months not only on the definition, but also on the very specific explanations as to how those competencies show up in their workplace, for every level of potential performance. They have explanations for the explanations. We have some groups with a list of 3 to 7 competencies, and other groups with 7 PAGES of competencies due to the explanations. 

In the end of the day, does having lots of explanation and definition help everyone reach agreement? I honestly think it creates more debate and causes everyone to focus on the “trees” and miss the “forest”.

Agreement is good, but overthinking is exhausting. A competency is a competency, and a catch is a catch. 😁


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