This week in football: What stood out to me.

1. Kevin Harlan. Talked about for the last week. If you haven’t heard Kevin Harlan’s play by play of the goofball who ran on the field in the Rams-49’ers game last week, LISTEN. Hil-arious. I heard it live and cracked up! Still makes me laugh.

2. Seattle. Seattle lost to the LA Rams and only scored THREE points??? So much wrong with that. First, I still think it’s Throwback Thursday when I say “LA Rams”. I have to remind myself that it’s not 1985. Secondly, how bad are the Seahawks this year? The Rams were shut out last week by the 49’ers! I didn’t see the game, but I didn’t see any reports of a massive illness taking down the Seahawks players. I’m pretty sure that all the big guys were in…Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman all played, right???  Oh my, my, what on earth is happening in Seattle?

3. College Polls.How do you move from 19 to 13 to 2 in 3 weeks? You beat a cupcake team week one. You play a mediocre team week 2, but this time, have your QB jump over one of their players and score a TD so that people can’t get enough of him. Then in week 3, you beat the team that is currently #2 (who had been the talk of the town the week prior because of their impressive freshman QB). Of course, you do all of that by scoring over 60 points in each game.  Now you’ve got the voters’ attention.  The sports “reporters” are a hoot. Three weeks ago they couldn’t stop talking about Houston making it to the playoffs. Then it was “Francois for Heisman.” Of course, they can’t move Alabama, even when they are given a run for their money by Ole Miss. The commentators seem to be trying to be “right” about who will be in the playoffs and who will win the Heisman. How about we just watch the games and see where we are in a few weeks? These are very young adults who get new teammates every year (because of both the NFL and graduation). Maybe Louisville will indeed run the tables. Or maybe they will find October to be their undoing and move back to 13.

4. NFL Quarterbacks.

Jacoby Brissett. (Bre-SET not BRISSit.) He gets an “oh my, my” too. Poor kid (or lucky kid?) is going to START Thursday night for THE PATRIOTS. Not the Rams; the Patriots. This time last year he was dancing around an ACC fields as the leader of the NC State Wolfpack.  He’s a VERY good QB, but dude, that’s like going from being the Controller at Community Credit Union to being recruited to Monster Manhattan Bank in NYC…and then being told you’re the fill in CFO for 2 weeks. Lots of luck to you, Jacoby!

Dak Prescott. I agree with what I heard Mike Greenberg of Mike & Mike say; Prescott might be Tony Romo’s Tom Brady. Romo might need to call up Drew Bledsoe for a little sympathy. You get hurt. The back up kid comes in…and stays in.

Carson Wentz. Bringing football back to Phily? A rookie worth watching.

Trevor Siemian. The dude can pass! Well! Who knew? Well, OK, John Elway and Gary Kubiak did, but I didn’t have much faith in Kubiak. No offense, but he’s the guy who believed in Matt Schaub, T.J. Yates, Matt Leinart and Case Keenum. Well, Case Keenum did just lead the LA Rams to beat Seattle, so…no.  It’s still VERY early, but in the first two games I’ve been impressed with Siemian’s calmness and skill. The Broncos might just have a decent season after all!

Sam Bradford. What a performance Sunday for the Vikings! Could the commentators be right? Has the former Heisman winner be a “victim” of circumstance? Could he have outstanding talent that just has been underdeveloped by the leaders on his various teams? Something to keep an eye on.

Jay Cutler. Ugh. That dude is making millions of dollars for what exactly…potential? I have been watching him since he was drafted by the Broncos. He’s very talented, but he does just enough to keep people believing in him and not enough to win the big games. 100% doesn’t seem to be in his vocabulary. Somehow he manages to be “hurt” when there’s no chance his team can come back from a loss. Retire already, Jay.

5. Survivor Pools. Frustrating! Pick just one team that you’re sure will win. Only you can’t pick them again ever, so pick carefully. And if you are wrong you are done. Seems easy! It is…if you don’t over think it. I over think. I’m done in one of my two survivor pools already!

Here’s to September football!


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