Master Football?

Sometimes when I talk about football, I get blank stares. Sometimes it’s because the person I’m talking to knows just the basics and has no idea what a post route is, or why so many teams have Mike, Will, and Sam on defense. Then there are times like last night, where the blank stare is “Are you sure you know football?” That stare usually comes from men who played (although at least one friend who played D1 does seek me out to talk about football). Earlier this week, I was sitting beside a former NFL player cheering on our alma matter. At commercials we were chatting about a variety of football things, and every once in a while, just when I was feeling good, I would get the stare. Once I even realized what I said & wanted to hit rewind. Ahhhh…But this is why I love football. I have been a student of the game my entire life (literally) and I’m still just slightly above average. Maybe by the time I’m 80 I’ll master it?

Speaking of masters. Bill.Belichick. I have a friend who said he’s like a roach that won’t go away. Lol! So what that his back up, back up QB is now injured? If Brissett can’t play, Julian Edelman will slide over from WR and they’ll still win. I think they play better in adversity than when all is well. It’s like Belichick can turn water into wine. I even heard a commentator today say the miracles Belichick is performing right now makes you wonder if Tom Brady is as special as believed. Maybe Brady is just a product of Belichick’s greatness. Hmmm. That’s something to ponder. And yet I still don’t care for either of them. 

Do you know any football masters? There are a lot of people who think they are, and a lot of people who get paid as if they are, but actual masters? Far and few between. But  man do we keep trying!


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