Opening Day!

Take me out to the ballgame!

Yes – it’s opening day for Major League Baseball! In a lot of places it gets lost amidst spring break, March Madness, and even snow (it snowed for the Colorado Rockies’ home opener in 2018!)

It also gets lost because the fan base is aging and decreasing (although my many baseball fan friends will take exception to this 🙂 ) Baseball is a SLOW game. It’s one of precision and timing. In this day and age of overstimulation and fast pace, fewer people take the time to just sit at the ballpark and wait patiently for the next play.

What would happen if we all did. If we all took the time to just sit and watch. To think. To chat with a friend. To listen to the sounds around us.

Take time on this Opening Day of our “National Past Time” to slow down and just be. And maybe watch some baseball. You might be surprised at how fabulous it is!

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